Passaggi, Capri

Autoritratto, 2011, stampa lambda 65x65cm courtesy delle artiste

Autoritratto, 2011, Lambda print 65×65 cm


The Association Il Rosaio and the Capri Foundation, in collaboration with the Municipality of Anacapri, Fondazione Exclusiva and Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino, present the first edition of the “Festival del Paesaggio” (“Landscape Festival”), curated by Gianluca Riccio and Arianna Rosica.

Opened last May and lasting until September the 25, the Festival is set up as a real itinerary made of residency, exhibitions and installations: a permanent laboratory for experimentation and dialogue about aesthetic production as well as a narration of our time, embedded in the landscape and integrated in its history.

In 1922 Edwin Cerio, a cosmopolitan and intellectual, who was the forerunner of the architectural style of Capri as well as Capri Mayor, organized the first conference about landscape. His aim was to free the island from the “sentimental representations used by painters for half a century, which do not resemble Capri, but the vision that tourists, buyers of those paintings, have of Capri”. Cerio invited a large team of artists and avant-garde intellectuals in order to define a new, unprecedented and deeper interpretation of the Capri landscape. Since then, the island has confirmed its role as a sought after seat for famous intellectuals and artists, who had unforgettable experiences in Capri and produced memorable representations and visions of the island and its landscape.

The landscape of the island is  revealed in the group show “Passaggi”, presents a selection of works by landscape painters of the late 19th century from “L’Isola dipinta”, the collection of the municipality of Anacapri. These works will be in dialogue with the the ones by contemporary artists as Gianfranco Baruchello, Sandro Chia, Gianluca Di Pasquale, Goldschmied & Chiari, Angelo Mosca, Ettore Spalletti, Michele Tocca — who, for the past six years, have participated in “Travelogue”, an artist-in-residence program and workshop with the students of the high schools of Capri and Anacapri, supported by Fondazione Exclusiva.

at Villa San Michele, Anacapri
until 25 September 2016


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