MUSEION, Bolzano. The artwork by Goldschmied & Chiari has now been fully reinstalled

The artwork by Goldschmied & Chiari has now been fully reinstalled.

The piece “Dove andiamo a ballare questa sera?” by the artists Goldschmied & Chiari, mistakenly removed by cleaning staff last Saturday (24/10) has now been completely reinstalled and will be on show in Museion’s studio house until 22/11.

The recently opened site-specific installation is part of a broader, Italy-wide exhibition project entitled “L’Albero della cuccagna. Nutrimenti dell’arte” curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, with the support of EXPO 2015 and the collaboration of the experimental cultural project Sensi Contemporanei organised by the Agenzia per la Coesione Territoriale and Mibact.

The piece by Goldschmied & Chiari presents the scene at the end of a party, a metaphor for the 1980s, Italy’s ‘age of plenty’: a period of consumerism, financial speculation, the advent of commercial TV and much partying. The title of the installation references a guide to Italy’s nightclubs written by Gianni De Michelis, politician and Foreign Minister at the time, with a preface by television presenter Gerry Scotti.
“We greatly regret what happened to the artists’ work: it was the result of a misunderstanding with the staff of the cleaning company. In agreement with Goldschmied & Chiari, we immediately got to work reinstalling the piece. It has to be said that this is not the first time this kind of thing has happened in the contemporary art world, yet it has sparked great debate in the media and on social media, including on an international level. It all goes to show how contemporary art is capable of arousing great interest, or even annoying people. We believe it is essential to keep this dialogue open. We always offer various formats of art mediation for different publics. This week’s free guided tour on Thursday night will start from Goldschmied & Chiari’s installation and also the next public event in the series “In Context” will be dedicated to their work, commented Letizia Ragaglia, director of Museion.
“Dove andiamo a ballare questa sera?” picks up from where another of the duo’s works, part of the Museion collection, left off. The piece “Genealogia di Damnatio Memoriae”, 2009, is a living magnolia tree planted in the museum’s grounds, carved with the dates and places of violent events that marked Italian history between 1969 and 1980.

Sara Goldschmied (1975) and Eleonora Chiari (1971) have been working together in Milan since 2001.

Goldschmied and Chiari use a range of media, including photography, video and installation. The duo enjoy international renown and have had numerous exhibitions and worked with prestigious institutions and museums in Italy and abroad. They have taken part in the Venice Biennale (2009), the Dublin Contemporary, the Berlin Biennale, Videozone – the Tel Aviv Video Biennial, the Sletto & Corso Biennale, Sélestat, and the Quadriennale in Rome. In 2012 they were named Best Young Italian Artists by the Rivoli Castle Museum of Contemporary Art, and they were short-listed for the 2015 Rockfeller Foundation Bellagio Center Creative Arts Fellowship. They have been selected by the Museo del 900 in Milan and the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington for the show Organic Matters, Women to Watch 2015. In 2007 they won the Arte in Cantiere prize established by Museion, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bolzano.


Goldschmied & Chiari, Dove andiamo a ballare questa sera?

Site specific installation, smoke, audio, bottles, various materials

Museion, Studio House

Duration of the exhibition: from 22/10 to 22/11/2015

The installation can be viewed every day from Tuesday to Sunday, from 6 pm.
Piazza Piero Siena 1
I- 39100 Bolzano

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