Richard Saltoun gallery, London The Body as Language: Women and Performance Oct9-Nov27

The Body as Language: Women and Performance

9 October – 27 November 2015
PV 9 & 15 October 6-8pm

On the 40th anniversary of Lea Vergine’s seminal book Body Art and Performance: The Body as Language (1974), Richard Saltoun Gallery presents The Body As Language: Women And Performance.

The exhibition, curated by Paola Ugolini, examines the birth and development of performance art in relation to gender, the body, language and the expression of the self. Focusing on women artists working in Italy during the 70s, the exhibition features work by Gina PANE, Ketty La ROCCA, Suzanne SANTORO and Renate BERTLMANN, together with the archival photographs of the dance performances of Trisha BROWN, Simone FORTI and Yvonne RAINER.

In addition, the exhibition looks at the enduring influence of these artists on a younger generation: Silvia GIAMBRONE, Alice SCHIVARDI and GOLDSCHMIED & CHIARI.

Goldschmied & Chiari, dispositivo di rimozione#47, 2012, 50x50 cm frameGoldschmied & Chiari, Repression Device #47, 2012, collage 50x50cm12094957_697462693723205_3558674524676541924_o-1Installation view of “The Body as Language” at Richard Saltoun Gallery

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