The works that comprise “Untitled Portraits” depart from Goldschmied & Chiari’s experiments with smoke, inside and around their studio.  The artists photographed multiple images of colored and translucent vapors and then erased areas of smoke from each of the photographs in a digital post-production process.  As a result, when printed onto the surface of a glass mirror, portions of color appear alongside areas of silvered mirror, revealing the viewer’s reflection within a colorful haze.  As the artists have explained,
The exhibition brings the sense of alchemy that began when we experimented with different combinations of substances and colors at our studio, to the gallery, where the spectator becomes part of a similar experience.
“Untitled Portraits” follows from the artists’ solo exhibition, La démocratie est illusion, curated by Etienne Bernard, which took place at the Centre d’art contemporain, Passerelle, Brest, France, in February 2014 and opens in a second edition at the Villa Croce Museo d’arte Contemporanea, Genoa, Italy, curated by Ilaria Bonacossa, from November 14, 2014 to January 18, 2015.  The Brest exhibition included large-scale printed mirrors entitled Medusa, which served as a point of departure for this new body of work at Kristen Lorello, NY.

Kristen Lorello, NY
Through January 25

unnamed3 unnamed1Goldschmied & Chiari: Untitled Portraits,” Installation view, Kristen Lorello, NY, Dec 11 – Jan 25, 2014
Courtesy of Kristen Lorello, NY
Photo credit: Jeffrey Sturges



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