“La démocratie est Illusion” Cac Passerelle, Brest, France. 7th February 3rd may

1920368_590603954368021_582270280_nLa Démocratie est Illusion (2014), 13,75 mt, mirrored shaped writing consists of a writing shaped in mirrored plexiglass applied to the wall, the design writing is an enlargement of a watercolor drawing. The mirrored surface of the work gives the feeling to the public as a hole in the wall, something beyond reality that is reflecting in the mirror.

1900047_591070210988062_1030418078_nHiding the elephant, 2004, installation, 160 printed mirrored plexiglass silhouette, smoke, variable dimensions
Hiding the Elephant (2014) is an installation made of 160 two-dimensional shaped face portrait, hanging from the ceiling. As in a charming magic trick the heads float in the middle of the room filling its walls with their light reflections, effect made possible thanks to their mirroring surface. Each piece is composed by a digital photographic portrait on the one side, and of a mirror surface on the other. Each character portrait has its identical twin. All the portrayed ,80 characters, are presidents, politicians, poets, and journalists that mysteriously disappeared: assassinated, persecuted or exiled during the twentieth century for political reasons related to secret services operations. Among them the most recognizables are Salvador Allende, JFK, Pasolini and Martin L. King.


1622638_594961607265589_756162423_nBoites magiques, 2014, 3 boxes in chestnut wood
Three magic boxes, made in fine chestnut, that reproduce the boxes commonly used in many famous sleights of hand, in which common objects such as clocks, handkerchiefs or coins are made to appear and disappear. Goldschmied & Chiari’s aim is the revelation of these scenic objects and the attraction to the evocative aspect of the magic box. The magician on stage, through illusion, speed and expertise focuses the viewer’s gaze on some elements, hiding others. Making the trick realistic misleads the viewer and makes him blind in front of the scene, giving back a sense of childlike wonder and disbelief.


1656358_583229425105474_1532090044_n        Medusa Mirror 2014


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