Autoritratti, iscrizione al femminile, MAMbo, Bologna 12th May 1st September

Autoritratti. Iscrizioni del femminile nell’arte italiana contemporanea a broad-ranging, comprehensive collective show dedicated to the relationship between women and art in Italy in recent decades

Curatorial coordination by Uliana Zanetti

In comparison with other contexts (and with the United States and Britain in particular), Italy presents an anomaly: between the end of the 1960s and the 1970s, there was no development of an art explicitly connoted as feminist, and nor of a critical debate confronting art and feminism. Despite this, it is possible to find numerous traces of a widespread move to
give significance to gender difference in Italy too, and this is documented in the exhibition through a wide range of positions and practices. The theme, proposed by Uliana Zanetti
and developed by a section of the MAMbo’s female staff, some of whom adopting a new role for the occasion, has stimulated the interest of established women artists, critics, scholars and directors of Italian museums who have taken part in the initiative. Their collaboration has taken various forms of research and divulgation – exhibitions, seminars, video interviews, publications – developed in a process of continuous comparison between the
participants. The exhibition will present the works of established artists, for the most
part produced for the occasion and referring to the different thematic areas developed by
Emanuela De Cecco, Laura Iamurri, Arabella Natalini, Francesca Pasini,
Maria Antonietta Trasforini and by the museum’s work group. These will be joined by the sentimental contribution dedicated to Maria Lai by Cristiana Collu (director of the MART di Rovereto), and by the curatorial contribution of Letizia Ragaglia (director of the Museion of
Bolzano). The a.titolo collective, comprising Giorgina Bertolino, Francesca Comisso, Lisa Parola and Luisa Perlo, will be taking care of the production of a work by Anna Scalfi Eghenter commissioned especially by the MAMbo as part of the New commissions

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