Embassy Goes Contemporary. Young Italian Art from the Museion Collection at the Italian Embassy in Berlin

17/12/12 – 28/04/13
Opening 11/12/12, 7 pm

Curated by Letizia Ragaglia

From 17 December 2012 to 28 April 2013, works by more than 20 Italian artists from the Museion Collection will be on show in the historic reception halls of the Italian Embassy in Berlin, with  video, painted installations and photography.

The exhibition is part of a broader programme to promote Italian art supported by the Italian Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin, and is a natural progression from the exhibition series ITaliens, which aimed to promote the work of Italian artists living in the German capital. To continue with this successful initiative the Foreign Service has decided to invite a number of Italian institutions to present part of their collections: Museion of Bolzano is the first to exhibit in the prestigious venue on the Tiergarten, presenting a selection of young artists from the collection curated by the Director of the museum, Letizia Ragaglia.

Featured artists: Stefano Arienti, Monica Bonvicini, Letizia Cariello, Claire Fontaine, Michael Fliri, Martino Gamper, Werner Gasser, goldiechiari, Elisabeth Hölzl, Hilario Isola and Matteo Norzi, Francesco Jodice, Wilma Kammerer, Sonia Leimer, Marcello Maloberti, Philipp Messner, Brigitte Niedermair, Pietro Roccasalva, Martina Steckholzer, Esther Stocker and Nico Vascellari.

Einladung Embassy goes Contemporary-1Einladung Embassy goes Contemporary-2


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