Castello di Rivoli, to goldiechiari the 2012 edition of the Fellowship for Young Italian Artists

goldiechiari during the work in progress of the work Genealogy of damnatio memoriae Turin 1965-1982 Courtesy of Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Rivoli – Turin 2012
Photo byPaolo Pellion, Torino

To goldiechiari the 2012 edition of the Fellowship for Young Italian Artists

The Fellowship for Young Italian Artists promoted by the Castello di Rivoli and fully supported by the Association of supporting friends of the Museum, has been assigned to the goldiechiari’s project Genealogy of damnatio memoriae Turin 1965-1982.

Totally renewed, the Fellowship for Young Italian Artists of the Friends Association of the Museum
is no longer dedicated to a single artist, but becomes a larger project that includes a thematic exhibition and an award that is the acquisition of a work for the permanent collection the Museum. For the 2012 edition the selection of candidates was made among the artists of the exhibition History I never lived through(indirect witness), curated by Marcella Beccaria, Chief Curator at the Castello, the show has identified the relationship between the new generation and Italian history a prominent theme in the context of the Italian artistic production. As stated by Giovanni Minoli, President of the Museum – “these artists and their works bear witness that our history has a lot needs to be heard in order to overcome the fears, misgivings and the mysteries that surround and that art can be a tool to meet you “.

The winning entry was selected by a panel composed of the Supporting Friends, the President
and the Director of the Castello di Rivoli. The jury also included students and visitors who attended
the meetings of study related to the exhibition, held in collaboration with the authors of La Storia siamo noi, Media Partner of the event with 150 and Italy-Rai daily newspaper La Stampa.

The previous editions of the Fellowships have been awarded to Grazia Toderi (2001), Alessandra Tesi (2002), Margherita Manzelli (2003), Lara Favaretto (2004), Gianni Caravaggio (2005), Christian Frosi (2007), Alice Guareschi (2008) and Massimo Grimaldi (2009).

Supporting Friends of Castello di Rivoli

Marinella Guglielmi, President
Andrea Accornero, Charles Brignone, Chianale Angelo, Francesca Cilluffo, Gianfranco D’Amato, Paul Dardanelles, Raffaella Elijah Antonietti, Giorgio Fasol, Bruna Girodengo, Andrea Ruben Levi, Gianluca Spinola, Matteo Viglietta, Andrea Zegna

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